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Our Sacred Ceremony Smudge Kits bring in the Earth, Air, Fire and Water energies to create a sacred cereminial space. Each pack contains a piece of ceremonial Palo Santo that is hand picked and chopped in Peru, a vial of blessed water, a vial of ceremonial dead sea salt and ash for protection and a hand made smuging feather. Use before any energetic circle, meeting or healing to draw in the elemental energies. You can literally feel the energy vibrating off of this loved tree!


Our ceremonial Palo was brough home from South America by our sweetest friend Ericka Ramelli of Better Humans! She went to south america and hand picked the hand chopped pieces from this sacred tree! So much love for her travels and loving journey that she allowed us to bring into our space! PLEAE NOTE: this tree recently passed and had its final ceremony. Therefore it still contains a large amount of oil in it, this may require more time to light the stick. You may even notice the palo oil burning as its lit. This is normal for a freshly chopped piece of palo.

Sacred Ceremony Smudge Kit