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Zen Community Center

Our Mission: We believe that everyone deserves access to stress relieving and mind/body elevation practices, no matter you social or economic status. For this reason, Zen Community center is working towards our non-profit status. Meanwhile, we will still offer free classes for the community. Your personal donations to Zen Community Center allows our classes to stay free to children and adults who need it most!

Our Community Center: Our community center hosts a large variety of classes and events targeted to teach stress relief, over all wellness and informative classes for disadvantaged children and adults. Our classes include Child Yoga, Adult Yoga, Emotional Focusing skills for children & Families, healthy living classes, Family Connection Groups, Post Trauma and Grief Talk Groups, Substance Recovery Awareness (SRA) groups, Mentoring for foster children, Balancing Breath work classes, ODD support groups, ADHD support groups, Tai Chi, Guided Meditation and so much more!

Classes for the Community Coming Jan 2023!

It is with immense honor and gratitude that we are able to launch our Community Center events starting January 1st 2023! All of the community classes that will be offered through the community center will be free to the community. For the moment, we are crowd funding the community center, until we finalize our Non Profit 503(c) status. Additionally we are working towards getting our Unitarian Unilateral status to be able to provide meditative, yoga and emotional support to incarcerated women and to teach positive emotional support practices for local foster children. If you are looking for a way to help, feel free to watch our video below. Click, share and help us help our community!


Want to help us with a donation until we can get our Non Profit status? Our goal is to crowdfund $15,000 by December 31st, 2022. If we can meet our goal, this will pay for the supplies needed to host our classes. Your donations will go towards buying Restorative bolsters, folding tables, chairs, meditation pillows, SRA books, retaining counselors, yogi's, child certified yogi's, tai chi instructor, balance balls, workbooks, fidget kits, stretch straps, diffuser kits, staff development and musical equipment just to name a few! 


GoFundMe: Click Here


VENMO: @ZenHolisticStores

CASH APP: @zenholisticstores


Founder: Brenda Sison

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