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Meet Our Partners

Each one a specialist in their field and community activist for wellbeing! To book their services, reach out directly to each practitioner via their the contact info below their name.

Brenda Sison
Reiki Master

Brenda is a Reiki Master, Earth Energy Healer and channel with 17 years of experience in Western practices and spent over 13 years in the medical field specializing in surgical practices and organ procurement. Her blended style of healing incorporates breath work, lymphatic drainage, sound frequency, acupressure, yoga, herbalism, spiritual activation, tapping, meditation, Quantum Healing Sessions and DNA Activation and Bio Quantum Somatics. For bookings call 713-389-5498


Dr. Yulander Taylor

Dr. Taylor is a Naturopathic Doctor specializing in a holistic approach to medicine. She also offers Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Healing Touch/Reiki, Ionic Foot Detox, Nutritional Consultation & Meal Planning, Raindrop Technique, Reflexology, Wellness Consultation, Wellness Testings and ZYTO Balancer Body Scans. To make an appointment please call  281-865-1489 or visit


Nicole Garner
Intuitive Reader

Nicole is an intuitive energy healer and tarot reader. Her energy healing style is a holistic based practice that activates the body's subtle energy system allowing you to break through your energetic blocks, enhancing the bodies inherent ability to heal itself. She uses her intuitive gifts to guide her in the right direction, making every session, specific and tailored to the individual. She uses these same practices in her intuitive tarot readings . To make an appointment call 832-786-1713


Christy Alexander
Energy Healer
Massage Therapist

Christy is an intuitive energy healer and licensed Massage Therapist. She uses a blend of techniques that relaxes the body and mind to facilitate extreme healing to take place. She uses her intuitive connection to tap in, which allows her to structure a personalized path of healing. The experience can range from breath work, touch therapy, traditional reiki healing and sounds frequency practices to name a few. Every experience is specific to your needs at that time. To make an appointment call



Randy WhiteFeather
Shamanic Healer

Randy uses ancient Shamanic healing techniques to remove unwanted negative energies, assisting the body in healing itself.  This process may include Chakra clearing & activation, energy extractions, soul retrievals, power animal discoveries and end of life transitions. In addition, Randy can clear your home/space from 

negative feelings and energies caused by prior occupants, past traumatic events, emotions, or lingering spirits who may need assistance in fully crossing over.  To make an appointment call 436-459-7832. Email:

SaimunSinglaHS-9699 copy.jpg

Dr Saimun Singla
Traditional and Intergative Medicine

Dr. Singla pediatric rheumatologist and integrative medicine physician who treats autoimmune illnesses. She uses her medical training and experience as a patient with rheumatoid arthritis to help children, adolescents, and adults achieve disease remission. In her practice, she blends conventional medicine with complementary therapies such as nutrition, supplements, herbs, and mind-body techniques to address the whole person on their health journey. To see what conditions she treats or make an appointment, please visit or call 713-903-8224.


Nicolle Zultowski
Alternative Medicine Practitioner

Nicolle blends several ancient and lifestyle modalities that have served and spoken to her personally.  Among these modalities are Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine, Reiki, Heart-Math, Yoga and Bodywork. She is an Intuitive, Artist, Muse, Spiritual Guide and Healer.  She holds safe space while listening and uses storytelling and metaphors to open the way for new personal perspectives and solutions. Through professional studies, personal experience and intuition. To make an appointment email 

010 - Jamela Marshall_Spring, TX - cropped.jpg

Mela Marshall
Board Certified Therapeutic Hypnotherapist

Jamela Marshall is a certified holistic women's wellness and integrative healing arts practitioner, board certified hypnotist, herbalist, and spiritual life coach. She uses a combination of healing modalities to assist women who are ready to embrace their divine feminine energy, connect to higher self, and discover their innate ability to self-heal. She believes that true healing starts at getting to the root cause of the dis-ease and is passionate about helping women learn to transmute their trauma into triumph. Her services include: hypnosis (fertility hypnosis and past life regression), yoni steaming, custom herbal remedies, ear auricular-therapy, and sound healing. To make an appointment email:


Donald Lefeber

Inducted into the international research society, Sigma Xi, Donald has 8 academic publications in different medical journals, and has given research presentations at Texas Medical Center and International Conferences for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. He has helped to build Integrative Medicine collaborations within the Texas Medical Center and the HOPE Clinic in Houston. To make an appointment please call 409-771-0332 or email


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